We all have different ideas about what our last days will be like. But there’s one thing everyone wants during this time: peace.

We want to be comfortable with our surroundings, surrounded by the people we care most about and who care deeply for us.

We want the assurance that our loved ones will have the assistance, guidance and resources they need to move forward.

We want to have confidence in the care we are receiving, that we will be treated with dignity and have our wishes respected. Providing the greatest comfort in the last days of life — when it matters the most — is the ultimate goal of Southeast Hospice Network.

We help our patients deal with the anxiety of their illness and the changing condition of their health by working closely with their physicians and other care providers to alleviate pain and help improve the quality of life at this extremely important time.

We help patients feel in control of their surroundings by providing care in whatever location the patient chooses whether at home or some other location where the individual is most comfortable.

We help our patients’ families and caregivers to be at peace with the process through instruction and support from our care team of nurses, certified nurse assistants, social workers, chaplains, and other professionals as needed. These same caring, compassionate professionals are available to provide the patient with the spiritual, intellectual and emotional guidance they need to deal with the fear and uncertainty of their illness and impending loss.

And throughout the process, we listen to our patients, work to understand their needs, and give them the care, the respect and the courage they need to face this most personal moment with strength and grace.